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Innovation and Collaboration in the Artic

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Who am I?

I’m a Rebel and an Entrepreneur.  

An Impact focused entreprenour and a Visionary.

I see where the world is heading and what is required of society and company’s to adapt and thrive in the new world and new economy.

I have projects and collaborations in the areas of: Green Energy, Digitalization of the Fish Industry, Sustainable Fashion – Jewelry Made Out of Recycle Gold and Silver.

Can call me Theo, nice to meet you. I’m the Community Manager here at Nukiga


We need Strong Artic Collaboration.

We have incredible culture and resilient people, however we are small in numbers, and we need to get connected as we are stronger together.

As the Artic Ice is melting, it attract attention and competition from global superpowers, and close and far away, scarce resources are abundant in these new landscapes. It very important the North Atlantic countries and companies collaborate in unity.

Innovation and Education.

The world is changing faster than ever and we are educating people for a world that does not exist anymore. If you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want to make an impact you need the right knowledge and skillset.

I studied Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Copenhagen and it was shocking how little useful knowledge and real life experience the teachers had. 

The people we will bring in for our workshop and event will be people living what they are teaching, and you will learn from the smartest innovators in Europe.

Nukiga Talks

We are going to have live talks with the most interesting entrepreneurs we can find in the Artic.

Every Wednesday: 19:00 Denmark – 18:00 Faroe Islands – 17:00 Iceland – 15:00 Greenland

Our large Virtual Conferences will be hosted in the MetaVerse in a platform mimicking real life conferences.

– 21th August – World Fashion Day – Nordic Sustainable Fashion Virtual Conference.

– 27th September – World Tourism Day – Artic Authentic Tourism Conference.

– 22th October – World Energy Day – Green Energy Conference,  

I’m thrilled that Nima Tisdall har joined Nukiga and is leading the partnerships development side and responsible for recruiting people for Nukiga talks and conferences.

Nima is just like me, a rebel. Founder of and Internationally recognized Impact Entrepreneur. In Forbes 30 Under 30 – European Leader at Obama Foundation and member of the Danish Think Tank Konkurancerådet.

A young female who has the courage to disrupt a the conversative and rigid male dominated fish industry will get a lot of media attention.

Nima is the real deal and I can say that as I spend 6 month in the Blue Lobster headquarters as their business partner, sitting right across from Nima, observing how she Blue Lobster, together with her Co-Founder Christine.

I truly admire Nima’s leadership skills and how she runs a team and she is a true role model for other young ambitious ladies. 

Nima is well connected and talented young lady that will make sure we get the best people possible for our virtual events and conferences.

Me an Nima are also soon going to do a talk. Hear her story on Wednesday 29th of June, in Nukiga Talks.