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A Northern Life


Portraits from North Greenland

In the spring of 2022, NUKIGA took a trip around North Greenland to visit the towns and settlements, the people, and to listen to their stories, which has now become the portrait series “A Northern Life – Portraits from Greenland”.

The series is a meeting with people from the North Greenlandic towns of Ilulissat, Upernavik, Qaanaaq, Uummannaq and Aasiaat.

In this portrait series, NUKIGA puts focus on the people who live in these northern towns and settlements as well as their everyday life and dreams. NUKIGA is pleased to be able to present this series, which gives an insight into Greenland in 2022, and the people who go about their daily lives north of the Arctic Circle.

The portraits have been made into a small magazine that can soon be ordered from our website.

Meet the people of North Greenland here

Map of UKIGA’s trip to North Greenland

Some of the people from North Greenland who told their story to NUKIGA – click to read more.