The Artic Fashion Conference

The Artic Fashion Conference on the 24th of August 2022. When people think the Nordics and the Artic countries, fashion and style is not the first thing the comes to mind. But Fashion is moving fast in the Artic. The effortlessly stylish and cool Nordic style, together with the colorful, creative garment med from wool […]

”Killingusaaq qulangerlugu” (beyond the horizon)

Det Grønlandske Hus, Aarhus Dalgas Avenue 52A-F, Aarhus C

”Killingusaaq qulangerlugu” (beyond the horizon) Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia (Greenland National Theater) visits the Greenlandic House in Aarhus, Denmark. The performance is shown in collaboration with Nukiga. Killingusaaq Qulangerlugu is about two large Greenlandic expedition participants; Hans Hendrik Suersaq (1834-1889) from Qeqertarsuatsiaat, who took part in four different expeditions, and Arnarulunnguaq (1896-1933) from Thule, who took part […]