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NUKIGA’s privacy policy

We are obliged to protect all personal information you provide to us in connection with your registration for e.g., membership, newsletters, or an activity that we arrange. The following statements describe what we do with your data and how long we store it. You are therefore fully informed before sending your personal information for registration with us.

NUKIGA data manager

The data processor is Foreningen NUKIGA, Søren Frichs Vej 38K,1. #15
8230 Åbyhøj Denmark email:

The legal responsibility for the processing of personal data is in NUKIGA placed with the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

NUKIGA processes personal data for the following purposes:

Handling of membership, sponsorship and networking relationships, including activities, communication, member meetings, general meetings, and quota collection.

Handling participants for conferences, network meetings and other events and activities.

Registration of recipients of newsletters.

Registration of mentors, mentees, and entrepreneurs for our mentoring scheme as well as entrepreneur cards

Administration of NUKIGA’s external relations, including e.g., reporting to agencies, municipalities, sponsors and foundations or other stakeholders.

Payment of salaries, reimbursements, and tax returns for NUKIGA’s employees.

Other third parties who may have access to your personal information:

Your data will be shared with third parties that we use in connection with our activities. These will include Place2Book (sign-up module), Podio (administration tool), Google and Mailchimp (newsletters).

The nature of the personal data

NUKIGA processes the following personal information:

Name, email address, phone, address, job title and events.

In addition, for companies and organisations: The name of the company or organisation.

We process information about:


Sponsors and partners

Employees and volunteers

Board members

Disclosure of information

We only pass on general personal information about members, volunteers, and staff etc. when we have a legitimate interest or need to comply with the law.

Deletion of personal data

We store general personal information on members, sponsors and partners until the membership or cooperation agreement ends.

We store general personal information on recipients of NUKIGA’s newsletters until the recipient no longer wishes to receive newsletters either by unsubscribing from the newsletter via the newsletter module or by writing to NUKIGA.

The CPR number contained in the accounting material is stored for 5 years from the end of the financial year.

Regarding registration for conferences and other activities arranged by NUKIGA, the personal data of NUKIGA is stored for as long as we need them to fulfill one or more purposes described above, or while there may be open invoices or unresolved matters. There may also be special rules in laws, such as the Accounting, Money Laundering and Limitation Act (bogførings-, hvidvask- og forældelsesloven), which give us the right and duty to keep this information for a longer period of time.

Retention of personal information

We store all personal information on NUKIGA’s computers, which are password protected. We have a security code on our computer and mobile devices.

Fulfillment of the law’s requirements regarding. data security

We contact the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) and possibly the police if all or some of personal information is stolen, hacked, or otherwise compromised.

Protection of personal data

Our IT system does not have an automatic deletion function, so we review the information manually every six months. In this connection, we delete or update data if necessary.

Your right to be “forgotten”

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

You have the right to ask for your personal information at any time. You are entitled to receive a printout of your personal information, which we process. This does not cost you anything. Requests for such transcripts must be submitted in writing to NUKIGA. The request must be signed by you and include your name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. The printout will be sent to your registered address no later than 2 weeks after we have received your request. The frequency with which you are eligible to receive such printouts may vary depending on where you reside.

You have the right to have the personal information we have registered about you deleted/anonymised in connection with your participation in activities or in connection with. membership or newsletters handled by NUKIGA. If you want this, we will remove all information that we are not required by law to store. NUKIGA will, at your request, or if we become aware of this, change or delete incorrect or incomplete information.

Should you have any questions about the above, please feel free to write to: