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Innovation spots

Great innovations and inspirational stories from the entrepreneutral community in the Arctic region

Greenland and the entire Arctic region is in rapid development and entrepreneurship is flourishing. At NUKIGA, we want to be the place to go if you want know what goes on in the entrepreneural community in the Arctic region.

Take a look at our innovation spots below – and please get in touch if you want to be featured on our website and social media!

Want to promote your innovation? Help us spot innovations?

If you know of any new innovations, big or small, please contact us. Have a look at our team of innovation spotters here!

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Faroe Islands
  • Kuannnersuit; Kvanefjeld
    Greenland, Innovations
    Kuannnersuit; Kvanefjeld is a must-watch 30 minutes film about a stalemate regarding mining in Greenland. The short piece exposes the...
  • NUKIGA x UNLEASH: Power-to-X
    Greenland, Innovations
    Team 13: Power-to-X Transforming energy surplus into societal needs of remote communities. Arctic communities raise awareness of Power to X opportunities...
  • NUKIGA x UNLEASH: Arctic Food Cooperative
    Greenland, Innovations
    Team 21: Arctic Food Cooperative Food is critical to every culture and especially the Arctic people. Since youth are often forced...