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Art Exhibition

Visit a unique art exhibition with Greenlandic artists enterpreting the theme ‘The Ocean. The exhibition will visit Danish, Greenlandic, and Icelandic cities in 2023.

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Grand opening

Grand opening

Last night NUKIGA had a grand opening of the art exhibition The ocean/Havet/Imaq in Spinderihallerne in Vejle, Denmark where it will remain until 10 July.

The exhibition will travel around Denmark, Greenland, and Iceland in the coming months.

Take a look at some photos from the event here.

Læs om kunstnerne

Læs om kunstnerne

Til Kunstudstillingen Havet/Imaq har vi bedt en lang række af de dygtigste grønlandske kunstnere om at fortolke temaet ‘havet’. Klik her for at finde en præsentation af alle kunstnerne, der har bidraget!

Invitation til Fernisering

Invitation til Fernisering

Kom til et brag af en fernisering på den unikke kunstudstilling Havet/Imaq! Der vil være bobler, taler, grønlandsk musik og grønlandsk mad – og ikke mindst fantastisk kunst fra nulevende grønlandske kunstnere



Tanbreez is a producer of rare earth elements with minimal waste and carbon emissions. The company states that it can use up to 97% of its mine waste, thereby reducing its CO2 emission substantially.

Spotted by Nauja Lynge

Blue Faroe Islands

Blue Faroe Islands

Blue Faroe Islands promotes the maritime industry in the Faroe Islands through media outlets and events on the Faroese Maritime Service Centre database.

Spotted by Nauja Lynge


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Strengthening the Arctic business environment

NUKIGA is an independent organisation that works to strengthen, develop, and promote cultural life and the entrepreneurial environment in the Arctic and within the Danish Commonwealth (Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands) with a special focus on Greenland.

We work to facilitate, develop, and motivate the exchange of experience and knowledge-sharing across the established business community, start-ups, and students. Our purpose is to strengthen innovation power and increase growth potential in the region as well as create a strong network across sectors and industries. Thereby focusing on the region as an investment opportunity.

NUKIGA Community is a platform, a network, and a community that cater to students, entrepreneurs, and the business community as well as everyone else with an interest or activities in the Arctic region.

Inspiration, innovation & culture

On our platform, we post inspirational articles, news, and blog posts with a specific focus on the Arctic. A large part of our articles informs about new innovations originating from the region or that are of specific relevance to the people living in this part of the world.

We also wish to promote and to spread knowledge of Greenland’s rich cultural life and to convey stories, art, and culture to an Arctic and Danish audience with the purpose of showing the richness and diversity of modern Greenlandic culture.

As part of creating an attractive community that helps to create growth and development for companies in the region, NUKIGA wants to build a network of innovation spotters: people from the region who take on the task of identifying and communicating these innovations on our platform.

Join a strong Arctic community and help us grow for the benefit of everyone!

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