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NUKIGA  works to strengthen and develop cultural life and the entrepreneurial environment in Greenland and the Arctic

NUKIGA is an independent NGO that works to strengthen, develop, and promote cultural life and the entrepreneurial environment in the Danish Commonwealth (Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands) with a special focus on Greenland.

We focus on two main areas:

Business: Invest in the Arctic

We work to facilitate, develop, and motivate the exchange of experience and knowledge-sharing across the established business community, start-ups, and Greenlandic students. On a longer-term basis, we will include the rest of the North Atlantic region in this work.

The purpose is to strengthen the Greenlandic innovation power and increase growth potential as well as create a strong network across sectors and industries. Thereby focusing on the region as an investment opportunity.

NUKIGA works to:

  1. Support the development of new companies in Greenland
  2. Increase the power of innovation and networking across the target group
  3. Secure companies’ access to skilled labour and talent
  4. Facilitate increased access to and exchange of relevant knowledge

We attend conferences and seminars talking about this important subject. For instance at the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum with a session titled: Developing entrepreneurship and attracting talent in the Arctic region. Read more here


Culture: Voices from Greenland

Under the headline ‘Voices from Greenland’, we will give established and new talents, debaters, and opinion formers within Greenlandic art and culture a voice in Denmark through a number of online and physical events and activities.

The purpose is to spread knowledge of Greenland’s rich cultural life and to convey stories, art, and culture to the broad Danish population, thereby raising the level of knowledge about Greenland among the Danes.

NUKIGA works to:

  1. Strengthen coexistence and understanding across the Danish Commonwealth
  2. Communicate modern Greenlandic culture in Denmark
  3. Give a voice to opinion formers and debaters with knowledge of Greenlandic conditions
  4. Arrange virtual and physical events in cooperation with our network


NUKIGA is a small organization and we have external help with our accounts.
This means we pay bills on Fridays in odd-numbered weeks.
The exception is Friday in week 29 of the summer holidays