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Arctic Unmanned

Greenland | Innovations

Arctic Unmanned is the sole Greenland-based drone service provider with experience to fly drones in Greenland. 2 out of 3 members of the team are native Greenlanders with broad experience in technology innovation and operation.

NUKIGA talked to Mads Petersen from Arctic Unmanned to learn more about the company.

Spotted by: Mads Petersen

Tell us about Arctic Unmanned:

Arctic Unmanned is founded by Erik Christensen, Mads Petersen, and Sune Stüker Hansen. We started up in 2015 with the name, where we offered drone courses. We rebranded ourselves in 2021 and became more international with the name: Arctic Unmanned.

We educate new drone pilots, who would like to get inspections done, mapping, documentation etc. We give an all-in-one drone service solution including consulting, flying drones, and generating output which is required by our customers. E.g. 3D mapping for planning building, making marketing materials etc.

Our customers are both from public and governmental companies. Our main interest are the mining companies who would like our all-in-one drone service solutions.

Who is behind the company?

2 out of 3 team members come from Greenland and know the challenges in the Arctic. We have several years of experience to support many different companies with our local knowledge as the most important tool.

We know that Greenland and the Arctic will be very important both regarding climate change and to maintain peace in the Arctic. We would like to contribute with all our knowledge to know more about the Arctic, which is why we have rebranded ourselves as Arctic Unmanned.

How is the business going?

Past-corona thing are now good again, and we have some good customers who would like to get more services from us. And we’re branding ourselves via LinkedIn, which brought us new potential customers.

What are the future plans?

We would like to be more present in the Arctic. Specially to provide all-in-one drone service solutions. We help customers to get special permissions, do the drone piloting, the data processing etc.

We see that there is more and more interest in the Arctic. Which is why we would like to contribute to establish an Arctic Drone Center in Greenland who could attract manufactures to come to Greenland and develop drones to be used in the Arctic region.

Behind Arctic Unmanned is:

Erik Christensen, 41: IT System Engineer. Drone/UAS EU-Competence Certificate holder and exempted for flying Drones/UAS in Greenland.

Mads Petersen, 41: Aviational backgrond as AFIS-Officer. Private pilot license holder, Incident Commander. Drone/UAS EU-Competence Certificate holder and exempted for flying Drones/UAS in Greenland

Sune Stüker Hansen: Military background. Photographer. Skydiver. Drone/UAS EU-Competence Certificate holder. Exempted for flying Drones/UAS in Greenland.

Arctic Unmanned is located in Vejle, Denmark – but the primary operation is done in Greenland.

Please visit for further information and the LinkedIn page: Arctic Unmanned.