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Connecting without connection

Greenland | Innovations

Attavik is an app that makes it possible for people to communicate even in very remote areas without telecommunications infrastructure. In this Q&A Jeanne Naja Holm from Attavik explains the thoughts behind the app.

Why did you make this app, and who is it for?

Attavik’s mission is to give all people access to communication with the outside world, even if you live far away from major cities and transmission masts. The telecommunications industry only covers the most populated areas, as it is very expensive to set up the large transmission masts. This affects sparsely populated areas where it’s not profitable for the telecommunications companies to establish these masts. The consequence is that it excludes large groups of people from being able to communicate easily with the outside world, and we want to rectify this.

What are the advantages of the app?

Attavik provides a cheaper solution that can extend the established telecommunications infrastructure so that sparsely populated areas can access telecommunications. At the same time, Attavik’s app can be used even when the telecommunications infrastructure breaks down, and you can continue to communicate with others through an intelligent Wi-Fi mesh network. The more people join the app, the stronger the network becomes, and in smaller cities, Attavik’s solution can eventually replace the existing telecommunications infrastructure if it breaks down due to e.g. weather conditions.

Furthermore, it is also possible to set up your own local telecommunications network in areas with no mobile connection. Either completely within a distance of approximately 100 meters, where mobile phones can communicate through the Attavik app without mobile coverage, or the network can be extended to over 10 km by purchasing signal extenders (Attavik RED) through Attavik. This can be used both as your primary network in remote areas, or as a backup system for critical infrastructure, when it’s important that you can always get in touch with the outside world.

The advantage of the Attavik app is that once you have downloaded the app, you can use your phone in areas where there is no coverage from masts. You can make a “cube” in the fjord, in the countryside, when you hike etc.

Can you give an example of how it can help?

This past summer there was a huge flood in Germany. If everyone had downloaded our app, it would have made a tremendous difference as people in the area would have been able to contact each other at all times. The affected areas wouldn’t have been completely isolated as was the case in some places. This app gives people the opportunity to call for help in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster, and unfortunately, we’ve probably not seen the last of those.

When will the app be launched (and where to find it)?

The Attavik app will initially be released for iPhones and can be found in the App Store during the month of February 2022. An Android version will be ready at a later stage

What are your future plans?

Our future plans include an Android version of the app. We will also make Attavik Reds (Range-Extender-Devices), so the range will be longer, about 10 km. We have prototypes and architecture in place for these. In addition, we will open Attavik branches in other countries.

Visit Attavik’s page here on NUKIGA’s community platform to find out more about the company and to reach out.