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Blue Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands | Innovations

Blue Faroe Islands promotes the maritime industry in the Faroe Islands through media outlets and events on the Faroese Maritime Service Centre database.

Spotted by Nauja Lynge

Promoting the maritime industry in The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are 100% reliable on the maritime industry both in terms of export and import. Blue Faroe Islands seek to highlight a thriving and important industry in a positive manner, while publishing serious issues such as safety at sea, maritime education, and jobs as well as the green agenda. The Faroese Maritime Service Centre database is also the first open and free-to-use database for Faroese companies in more than a decade.

“We want to promote Faroese companies to the world through The Faroese Maritime Service Centre database. Especially to the nearby potential clients that sail in the Arctic. To come to The Faroe Islands and receive top class as well as world-renowned services from a variety of companies that live from the ocean is a top priority”, says Ólavur í Geil, co-founder of Blue Faroe Islands.

The database will hopefully attract more clients. The aim is to show captains, shipping companies and others that it is a smart and good decision to do business in The Faroe Islands and that Faroese companies are the best to solve maritime issues such as repairs, bunker, maintenance, special operations, crew change among other things.

The team behind Blue Faroe Islands

An idea born during covid

The idea came up as Covid put an end to many activities in the event company, Advent Management. However, this did not stop Ólavur í Geil, Michael Shemesh and Eva Andrésen from Advent Management as they turned their acknowledgement of event management into an asset for the maritime industry with much support from government agencies such as both maritime universities and the Faroese Maritime Authority.

One of the videos on Blue Faroe Islands’ YouTube channel ‘BFI Talks’

Blue Faroe Islands may have started off as a result of the Covid situation. Yet, they are growing steadily each month with more visitors, and the time spent on is increasing each month with visitors from all over the world.

Future plans include a comprehensive analysis of the main harbours. Also they are in the planning phase of organising more maritime conferences and seminars both in The Faroe Islands and abroad. Currently, they are planning the first Blue Faroe Islands conference in August. The theme is Maritime Education Conference with focus on the maritime industry in the Faroe Islands.

The team behind Blue Faroe Islands:
Ólavur í Geil, 42 years old, first person on the Faroe Islands with a BA (Hons) degree in Events Manangement.

Michael Shemesh, 41 years old. M.B.A. and BA MAJOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.
Eva Andrésen, 38 years old, does the video editing and is the main writing contributor to Blue Faroe Islands.

Jóhannus Martin Olsen. Investor and special advisor to the mother company also to Blue Faroe Islands.

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