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Camp Itivi

Start-up | Tourism

If you want to experience nature up close, and at the same time sleep in a nice bed and have your food served, Camp Itivi is the perfect place for you.

Everything is taken care of, and all you need is to enjoy the fantastic tranquility that surrounds the cottages. The only sounds are the crackle of the icebergs on the water and the sparrows chirping in the endless nature as far as the eye can see.

Close to the inland ice at the bottom of Nuuk Fjord, Camp Itivi, protected from wind and weather by mountains on three sides, it is situated with an open view of the fjord where the icebergs slowly glide past. The icebergs find their way with the tide into the fjord in front of the camp, and smaller chunks of ice beach along the water’s edge at low tide, so each morning has its own new breathtaking view.

Here the Inuit came sailing in their kayaks on their way hunting, and later the northerners, into the bottom of the fjord, where they could most easily cross the lowest place on the ridge; “Itivi” – the crossing point.

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