Latest Past Events

INUIT – Artic Fashion – Tinka Egede Skærlund | Inuit Quality Clothes

Tinka is the Business manager for INUIT Quality Clothes. Which aim is to create designs inspired by the beautiful and rough Greenlandic Nature. Built on the idea that you should have the possibility to explore nature, in warm clothes without sacrificing comfort and practicality. I’m excited for this talk with the young business development manager, […]

Seaweed and Biological Sustainability in our Food – Agnes Mortensen – Tari

 Based on many years of academic and practical experience with seaweed Agnes founded TARI (Seaweed Faroese) in 2016. Cultivating and hand-picking different SeaWeed Species, and processing the highest-quality raw material, TARI is developing highest quality of SeaWeed Production. In this talk hear about: Agnes story as an entrepreneur in field with huge potential. What you […]

The Wool Islands – Sissal Kristiansen

The Wool Islands is a celebration of wool and knitting in the Faroe Islands. An initiative taken by Sissal Kristiansen. The ultimative goal is to make sure, that all the Faroese wool is being used. For the sake of the environment, the sheep and the Faroese culture. Sissal’s belief is, that to reach this goal, […]