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Concert with Ulf Fleicher

Det Grønlandske Hus, Aarhus Dalgas Avenue 52A-F, Aarhus C, Denmark

Join us for a concert with one of Greenland's best and most loved musicians, Ulf Fleicher, when he visits Det Grønlandske Hus (The Greenlandic House) in Aarhus, Denmark, for a lunch concert on Greenland's National Day 21 June, 2022. The event is free. Read more about the event here (in Danish):

Exploring the arctic through tourism


NUKIGA COMMUNITYNukiga is a community for elevating innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration in the Artic. Do your have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are thinking of partnerships across the artic? Are interested in investment?Get Connected Through Nukiga. Get the help, connection and community you need to succeed in Nukiga.Sign up for our Free Nukiga Talk on Wednessday 22th […]

With Purpose – Women in Entrepreneurship.

Ella Rytsölä Ella is the Founder of “With Purpose”, a woman with an entrepreneurial heart and a strong passion for all forms of sustainability, environmental and social. Her main drive within lies within prompting gender equality and getting more female founder into the Nordic Entrepreneurial Scene. Why we need more females in the Nordic Entrepreneurial […]

”Killingusaaq qulangerlugu” (beyond the horizon)

Det Grønlandske Hus, Aarhus Dalgas Avenue 52A-F, Aarhus C, Denmark

”Killingusaaq qulangerlugu” (beyond the horizon) Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia (Greenland National Theater) visits the Greenlandic House in Aarhus, Denmark. The performance is shown in collaboration with Nukiga. Killingusaaq Qulangerlugu is about two large Greenlandic expedition participants; Hans Hendrik Suersaq (1834-1889) from Qeqertarsuatsiaat, who took part in four different expeditions, and Arnarulunnguaq (1896-1933) from Thule, who took part […]

Responsible fishing in our oceans – Nima Tisdall

 Nima Tisdall is the Founder of Blue Lobster. The young Danish Female Entrepreneur has created a digital marketplace that allows you to purchase low-impact and fair seafood directly from fishermen. Enabling consumers and restaurants alike to know exactly who caught the fish, how it was caught and where it came from. Forbes 30 under 30. […]

The Wool Islands – Sissal Kristiansen

The Wool Islands is a celebration of wool and knitting in the Faroe Islands. An initiative taken by Sissal Kristiansen. The ultimative goal is to make sure, that all the Faroese wool is being used. For the sake of the environment, the sheep and the Faroese culture. Sissal’s belief is, that to reach this goal, […]

Seaweed and Biological Sustainability in our Food – Agnes Mortensen – Tari

 Based on many years of academic and practical experience with seaweed Agnes founded TARI (Seaweed Faroese) in 2016. Cultivating and hand-picking different SeaWeed Species, and processing the highest-quality raw material, TARI is developing highest quality of SeaWeed Production. In this talk hear about: Agnes story as an entrepreneur in field with huge potential. What you […]

INUIT – Artic Fashion – Tinka Egede Skærlund | Inuit Quality Clothes

Tinka is the Business manager for INUIT Quality Clothes. Which aim is to create designs inspired by the beautiful and rough Greenlandic Nature. Built on the idea that you should have the possibility to explore nature, in warm clothes without sacrificing comfort and practicality. I’m excited for this talk with the young business development manager, […]

The Boxer and the Barber

Bjartur is the Founder of Tórshavn Boxing and has Just launched B the Barber – The first true Barbershop in The Faroe Islands. The typical story of young man that did not fit into school and traditional education, and lacked direction in life. Things started changing for him after he started developing discipline through Boxing. […]

Wild Food from Greenland

Greenland is enormous. With icecaps, mountain peaks, lakes, and ocean, there is wild food to be found everywhere in Greenland. It is a country packed with wild food that can be used for all kinds of fantastic raw ingredients. Tavik Trøndheim wants to make food from the Greenland wilderness more easily accessible through the site […]

Inua Care – Artic Skincare

Join us next Wednesday with Nukiga Talks - featuring InuCare.Talks Our guests will be Co-Founder - Anna Mette Petersen and COO - Nanna Loise Haagen. Will talk about how they are Utilizing the Nature of Greenland to make High Quality Skin Products, The Potential of The Arctic Plants and Entrepreneurship in the Arctic. Inua Care […]

Julefrokost og koncert

Det Grønlandske Hus, Aarhus Dalgas Avenue 52A-F, Aarhus C, Denmark

Kom til julefrokost med den grønlandske musiker Jaaku NUKIGA udlodder i samarbejde med den grønlandske studenterforening Avalak 5x2 billetter til en forrygende julefrokost med koncert med den grønlandske musiker Jaaku. Læs mere og deltag på vores Facebook-side: Praktiske informationer om Julefrokost og Julebanko: Adresse: Dalgas Avenue 52 A Hvornår: Julefrokosten starter kl. 18:00 Juleaktivitet […]