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Political communication and management

Iluuna is very interested in the forms of power that are in play when making decisions, both at an organizational and societal level. She hopes to gain an analytical perspective on the logics that are in play when making decisions and how to identify complex management problems as well as solving them.

Illuna has lots of dreams for the future, but two of them are trying to work with organizational strategies and international relations and politics.

“I am really passionate about being heartfelt – I think there is too little warmth in our society because of technology, productivity and modernization. If you can shed your light in someone’s life, they can shed it in another person’s life and that makes a chain of lights.”

Besides studying Iluuna is also working in the Greenlandic tourism industry as a booking supervisor and content creator. She hopes to make a sustainable imprint on the industry.

She is also an avid dog walker and is actually thinking of making it into a business, but it depends on her clientele and if it grows.

Facts about Iluuna:

Education: Cand.soc. in political communication and management
Place of study: CBS
Expected time of graduation: 2023

Thesis, paper or project:

“I am proud of a nudging project I did in collaboration with RUC, Ørsted and iNudgeyou. The project aimed at reducing Ørsted Gentofte’s employees usage of single-use coffee cups as well as to how behavioural insights proved useful in the field of communication.”

“The paper I have chosen to showcase here is my marketing management exam. From my paper, I concluded how the fast-food chain Denny’s should reposition and differentiate from its competitors to obtain a larger market share from a theoretical perspective.”

Language in project: English