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Introducing NUKIGA Talks


In our effort to create a strong and relevant network across the Arctic region, we now proudly present NUKIGA Talks!

You’ll be able to join NUKIGA Talks from our community group where Faroese entrepreneur Tórður Ravnsfjall will host regular online sessions with an exciting and motivating guest from all over the Arctic region. Additionally, NUKIGA will also be the host of larger online conferences with topics such as tourism, fashion, energy, food etc.

“For the Artic Region is to stay competitive, we need to look at things in a very different way. The world is changing faster than ever and to develop with the times, we need to have a very different view on business, health, and education,” Tórður Ravnsfjall.

Find all scheduled talks and read more here

NUKIGA has an ambition to create a strong and relevant community across the Arctic, where entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and everyone with an interest in this region can find inspiration, input, and ideas from peers. If you have any ideas about who should be a guest on NUKIGA Talks, please let us know – send an email to

About Tórður

Faroese Tórður has a passion and a heart for entrepreneurship and innovation. He started as an entrepreneur in 2017, designing and running guided walking and bike tours in Copenhagen. He loved showing travellers the Danish capital, as he has always had a keen interest in history and culture.

The job let him find his passion and skills for marketing, sales, and storytelling. He then started educating himself on innovation and entrepreneurship, reading all the books he could get his hands on about these subjects and engaging in long distance travelling for the workshops and courses he needed.

Tórður has helped educational companies launch marketing campaign using authentic and honest marketing. He has also assisted companies develop successful sales team, using his coaching and leadership skills. Additionally, Tórður has worked with the Blue Lobster App exporting sustainably caught fish from small fishermen in the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen’s finest fish restaurants.

Currently, he focuses on innovation in green energy, and at the moment he’s on a trip to India visiting green energy companies and looking to launch his own line of sustainable jewellery using recycled gold and silver from used mobile phones and laptops. Tórður is also collaborating with is Solar Water Pumps, an exciting technology that will be revolutionising farming to help solve the world’s food shortage problems and improve the lives of millions of farmers.