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Greenland | Innovations

Biodiversity and Climate Action – SDG: 4/7/10/11/12/13/15/17

Arctic communities raise awareness of Power to X opportunities in their journey to self-sufficiency. Undoubtedly, Power to X has great potential to transform remote Arctic communities with access to surplus clean energy.

However, industrial development of this kind alone is not a route to increased Indigenous sovereignty and self-reliance. In fact, the traditional model of soliciting outside actors and investment for local development reinforces dependence. If the advancement of Indigenous communities is the goal, then the solution needs to be based on Indigenous values and perspectives. Connectivity, equal partnerships, education, creativity.

Raising local voices

Accessibility is the first step toward involvement. The most productive means of communication are visual, oral, and personal. Our platform localises Power to X, raising local voices to educate, connect, and enable the implementation of fitting development initiatives, creating pride from ownership and self-determination.

Today, development is a force that, far too often, happens to, rather than by, remote communities in the Arctic. This leaves communities in a constant state of reaction, or “catch up”, as they attempt to integrate societal changes into existing value structures. No matter how positive the development, such as renewable energy, this lack of agency is a detriment to the success of all.

Team 13 presenting their idea at the UNLEASH Greenland la in Nuuk, August 2022.

A digital meeting place

Our platform is a digital meeting place, classroom, and idea forum centred on Indigenous Power to X initiatives. It is a living story of empowerment and opportunity, woven together by documentary filmmaking and art. It is power returned to the people.

With access to UNLEASH’s network and seed investment support, we are confident we can, through partnerships with local leaders, deploy and promote our platform as well as carry out a pilot round of education workshops in Kalaallit communities. Furthermore, as a living platform, our impact only increases with time, producing guaranteed decarbonization returns in a warming world.