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To ensure sustainable development in the Arctic regions, innovation plays a crucial part. At UNLEASH Regional Innovation Lab Greenland 2022, 200 young people from Arctic and Nordic countries met to develop innovative solutions to help with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Arctic areas within health, education, energy, and environment.

NUKIGA was present during the UNLEASH innovation lab in Nuuk in late August 2022, and Malu Rosing from NUKIGA was attached to the Innovation Lab as an expert on the educational system in Greenland.

The UNLEASH days were buzzing with energy, ideas, and creativity. So many important challenges were identified – and so many innovative solutions were presented! NUKIGA will put focus on these innovations in the weeks to come.

Watch some videos from the exciting days below!

NUKIGA CEO Steffen Damborg on the work of UNLEASH and why NUKIGA attended the Greenland lab.

Kristian Kampmann, Head of Secretariat for UNLEASH, talks about the purpose of UNLEASH and why 200 young entrepreneurs are gathered in Nuuk.

Malu Rosing talks to Stine Høj Østergaard from NUKIGA about the challenges countries such as Greenland face when it comes to education.

Malu Rosing from Nukiga interviewing Amalie-Kirstine Egede Danielsen Bjarnholt (left) and Sika Filemonsen (middle) about their participation in UNLEASH. Sika and her group ended up winning the UNLEASH InnovationLab 2022 best project idea – and the 50k (DKK) to develop the idea further.