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NUKIGA’S session at Arctic Circle

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How to support Arctic entrepreneurship and the return of Arctic students to the Arctic area after having graduated abroad? –These were the topics NUKIGA addressed at the recent Arctic Circle Greenland Forum held in Nuuk, Greenland.

Watch video bites and read more about our session below.

Introducing the session

Embla Eir Oddsdóttir (Iceland), Director, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network, moderated the session before a filled room of 50 spectators.

A recap

Watch a recap of our session here. The session was posted live on Facebook and is currently watched by well over 100 people. It is still possible to watch or rewatch the session on our Facebook page her:

A few slides from the session:

NUKIGA’S session at Arctic Circle

A purpose-oriented generation

The young generation entering the work force is much more purpose-oriented than the generations before them. They are driven by and focused on creating an impact much in line with UNs sustainable development goals.

This means that the Arctic communities have a window of opportunity in the years to come because of this change in priorities towards e.g., environmental sustainability, responsible consumption and production, and climate actions among younger generations.

Building the right Culture
Research shows that the work environment the younger generation is looking for has much in common with the way start-ups build their business and eventually scale up their ventures. If we can create the right conditions for entrepreneurs and the younger generation that are entering the work force now, we will see new prosperity and progress in the Arctic region.

Session contents
During our session, NUKIGA team members and moderator Embla Eir Oddsdóttir focused on the following topics:

1 Presentation of findings from NUKIGAs work with Inuit entrepreneurs and Inuit students.
The presentation  focused on the work culture that attracts and retains young talent in a corporate setting and the culture of the most successful digital start-ups.
By NUKIGA CEO and author Steffen Damborg (Denmark)

2 What are the main problems and solutions related to young generations willingness to move back to Arctic region after graduating abroad?
By NUKIGA Head of Student Recruitment, Malu Rosing (Greenland)

3 How to support entrepreneurship in the Arctic region.
By serial entrepreneur, Tórður Ravnsfjäll (Faroe Islands)

4 Q&A
Facilitated by Director, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network, Embla Eir Oddsdóttir (Iceland)