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Hanne Hansen Markussen

2002. Aasiaat.

I’m from Ilulissat, but I moved to Aasiaat to go to GU (high school). I started here to increase my options when I graduate. I attend the creative line. I chose it because I like visual arts and media studies.

I was 17 when I moved here, and my parents still live in Ilulissat. The first year was really hard. You need to take care of everything yourself all of a sudden. It was hard, but you get used to it, and it also develops you as a human being.

It also gets kind of hard when it comes to language. There are mostly Danish-speaking teachers, which can be challenging. The school should have more Greenlandic teachers.

Those who do not understand the Danish teachers or do not speak Danish, they also get worse grades than the rest. But I think I’m better at Danish now. You have to concentrate a lot to be able to keep up. But I like it now, and it’s okay to go on GU here, but I get very homesick.

After starting GU, I have found out that I can’t be away from Ilulissat for too long at a time, so I am at home in Ilulissat during the holidays. I don’t really have any family here either. I’m looking forward to moving back home.