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Jørgen Kristensen & Enok Oma

1988. Qaanaaq.

We’ve been friends since we were kids, so we’re used to each other’s company. We are both from Qaanaaq and work primarily as fishermen.

When we’re out here, we sometimes go on trips to other places after we’ve done with the day’s work, but that’s mostly when the weather gets a little warmer. This is how we live.

We are out on the ice and fishing for up to ten days at a time, then we go home to Qaanaaq for approx. two days, to be with our families, and then we return to the ice again.

Enok: I have a wife and four children. I have been working as a fisherman since 2017 and I also go sailing in the summer and work as a fisherman.

Jørgen: I have a girlfriend and a child. In the summer I’m more in Qaanaaq and take time off to be with them. I started fishing last year when I was out with Enok.

Jørgen Kristensen

Enok Oma