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Lone Milling Rohleder

1956. Upernavik.

I work at the school for upskilling called “Majoriaq” a few days a week where I help young people improve their grades. I am very happy to be able to help, and I am very firm with them. I’m passionate about everything I do that way.

When I have time off from Majoriaq, I prepare to open my own little shop, which I want to establish in an extension to my house. My mother once had a kiosk there, which she ran for 25 years, and I want to sell second hand things and cake, coffee and waffles straight from the iron. When the weather is right, people can sit outside and enjoy the view.

Actually, I had retired after many years as a primary school teacher and moved to Copenhagen from Ittoqqortoormiit after my husband, Ole, died. I still find little hearts from him here and there. They were our thing. I miss him very much.

Then I inherited the house here in Upernavik from my parents, and now I spend my time fixing it up. I also wanted to be with my atsa (aunt), Rosa, who also lives in Upernavik.

A couple of times a year I commute to Copenhagen, where I have an apartment. It is rich to be able to do that. They are two very different worlds, but they are both my cultures, and I feel rich and privileged to be able to do that. If this doesn’t make you feel lucky, I don’t know what does. I am in a way connected to Upernavik and also a Copenhagener at heart when I am there.