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Tisha Grønvall

1988. Ilulissat.

I moved to Ilulissat from Thailand in 2018. It all started with me wanting to see the Northern Lights. Now I live here with my husband and my cat.

Right now I’m not that good at Greenlandic, but I really want to learn it sometime in the future. I would like to be a volunteer guest teacher to teach the children English.

It has always been my dream to see the northern lights, so when I saw that there was a position as a bartender open in Ilulissat, I took the chance and moved. Now I’ve seen the northern lights lots of times, but still feel like a child everytime I see it. Even after living here for four years.

I think that it will be quite important in the future when more tourists come to visit.

I love going out and hiking in nature. I am bipolar, so it helps me a lot to go out in nature and to work out. I work out five times a week.

I think my favorite spot in Ilulissat is in front of the church. You can sit there and look out over the sea. I love being here, and I think I’ll be here for many years to come. I think it’s a shame when people leave after a short period of time, and I really don’t like to say goodbye.