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Public Share 500

500,00 kr.

You can chose between three types of shares*:

  • Gold, value: DKK 10,000
  • Silver, value: DKK 2.000
  • Bronze, value: DKK 500

*Note that in Denmark this amount is tax deductible (please consult local legislation)

Please note: A NUKIGA community share is not a share with a return of investment but should be considered as a sponsorship to support NUKIGA’s work in the Arctic.,



Buy community shares in NUKIGA

When you buy a community share in NUKIGA, you support our work to strengthen, develop, and promote the start-up community in the Arctic as well as raising the level of knowledge of Greenland through Greenlandic art and culture.

At the moment, through a competition we are searching for Greenlandic artists to find three pieces of art that can decorate our three shares. Read more here (link)

It’s already possible to buy a community share; but it will not be sent to you until the artists are found. The community shares will be printed in a size A4 on paper of good quality and sent directly to your home address (please note that for addresses outside of Denmark and additional fee may be added).