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ATTAVIK A/S The first HIGH–TECH startup out of Greenland is an innovative company now based in Denmark.

The ATTAVIK solution is meant to give response to mobile phone and internet connectivity problem in rural areas with poor or no coverage. The solution will make people have an affordable mobile and internet connection compared to traditional mobile and internet service providers. And a range extender for telecom service providers.

By using a Adhoc P2P mesh network connection between personal devices. The communication part is based on Super Wi-Fi technology allowing a 8km connection between devices. Thanks to the ATTAVIK app users can send text, voice call, data, video and Internet broadband. Attavik is a us patented technology.

Connect even when there’s no connection

Attavik can be used all over the world by anyone who downloads the app. It makes it possible to create network without internet or radio and TV masts and will be very valuable during natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods.

“With the Attavik app and a hardware solution called red, with a shortrange radio or a tv whitespace long-range radio, we can make a mesh network. When you live in Greenland, you know that sometimes the connection is unstable, especially if you’re out in nature far away from the nearest town. And the Attavik app can connect you anywhere, anytime, and the more people who have this app, the better it is” Jeanne explains.

Attavik is searching for investors, read a press release from them here