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Case: Communications / digitalisation


Communications department






Winter or spring 2022



INI is in the process of digital development in order to be able to automate and streamline processes, leading to faster processing time and transparency, which benefits our tenants.

For some tenants, the digital initiatives are welcome, for others they are a challenge. The older generation, in particular, is not familiar with the digital tools.

How can INI help those tenants who are unsure of the digital solutions so that they also benefit from the measures we take? We have tried writing and video tutorials and one-on-one help from a customer counselor when they physically approach our offices when there is time for it, but it is not enough.

We guess that other companies that are in the process of digital development face similar challenges. Would it be an idea to start a collaboration to raise the digital competencies in our society, and if so, what could it look like



Birgithe Christensen or Martina Sommer,