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INUA v/ Henriette Berthelsen

Greenland is probably one of the most studied countries in the world, but focus has been on finding mistakes and the shortcomings of the population. Maybe it’s time we focused somewhere else? On the Greenlanders’ positive qualities, strengths, and experiences.

I can put together a lecture or course according to your needs.I am a trained Nurse and Psycho- / Family Therapist MPF. I offer psychotherapy, both in person and online.

I am passionate about freedom, equality, equality, responsibility, and joy. I think and treat holistically. We are entre human beings with a body, mind, and spirit that influence each other. I am also an eternal student and researcher of the school of life and all its realities. A constant teacher within metaphysics and modern thinking. My learning never stops. Every moment is a new revelation, a new experience, a new reality that brings me closer to my true and most conscious self.

My goal in life is to help make the world a brighter place. With love and responsibility – for people and the land we live in. We are constantly influenced through our actions as well as unfolding our bright potentials. I want to be remembered as someone who helps to shed light on the world and had a positive impact on the lives of others.

I have conducted many motivational seminars, courses and lectures for organised groups and companies. Many of the initiatives I take also have a direct positive effect on our physique, and affect families and friendships positively.