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Inuit Quality Clothes

We – two Greenlandic women, Dorthea Rødgaard and Hanne Kristiansen – started Inuit Quality Clothes of Greenland in 2012. Headed and based in Greenland and with a sincere wish of producing quality clothes, that enables the Greenlandic population to meet the Greenlandic nature. It all became a reality.

Our aim is to create designs inspired by the beautiful and rough Greenlandic nature and founded on the idea that everybody can move around in the nature both comfortable and natural. With this starting point, we introduced our first collection to the Greenlandic market in 2013 where it rapidly became a success.

In 2013, we opened our first shop in the Greenlandic capital Nuuk. Here we were able to present our collection to our customers. Later on, we introduced more collections, always focused on uncompromising motion both inside and out.