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Miranda Wernay Dagsson

Miranda lives in Copenhagen, where she studies Political Science, and in the autumn of 2021 she will begin her Master’s Degree at the University of Copenhagen.

“I study political science because I think politics is very exciting, and because I am passionate about being able to make my small contribution to improving the public sector and ensure the best possible treatment for everyone who comes in contact with it. ”

No matter if she finds a job workig with education, the corporate world, the environment or something completely different, Miranda wants to help ensure that in the future, policy is implemented in the best possible way. Therefore, she is really happy to have been able to touch upon a wide range of topics in her education and gain knowledge on everything from microeconomics and statistical methods to public administration and political psychology.

In addition, she thinks she has gained a lot of skills that she is looking forward to being able put into use. For example, being able to analyse complex contexts and make recommendations on how to make the best analyzes and how to improve policies in the real world. Something Miranda really would like to work with in the future.

Facts about Miranda:

Education: Political Science
Place of study: BA at University of Aarhus, MA at University of Copenhagen
Expected time of graduation: 2023

Bachelor thesis: Genetic attributes, ideology and attitudes towards political opponents.

This study aims to examine how dissemination of research on the connection between genetic attributions and ideology affects polarization in Denmark. This is tested through an experimental questionnaire. 

Thesis language: Danish

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