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Siri Paulsen owns Sialuk Productions. She turned in her Master Thesis in Theatre & Performance Studies at the end of September 2021. She is driven by creating products that talk about Greenland from different points of view than the average stereotyping, using solid craftsmanship and thought-out formats and storytelling technique.   

“I’ve learned a lot about centering my products/concepts on audiences: in my education I have learned to study my audience – who are they, what are they here for? I have also learned about those extra things that drive events or experiences up on that extra level – what is “liveness” as a concept. How do I utilize the space that I am in, and how do I activate audiences to take ownership over cultural products? Those are questions I have learned to ask and strive to answer.”

Siri thinks one of the most interesting things of her education has been to implement what she learned into practice. How to make an audio walk feel live? How to engage a Danish audience in a story about something Greenlandic?

Her dream is to be able to make a living of her own business as a Greenlandic-content audio producer or work with theatre in Greenland.

Right now, Siri works on a theatre performance based on a work from Pia Arke, and is finishing a walk of sound through Copenhagen, called “Traces of slavetrade”. 

Facts about Siri

Education: Theatre & Performance Studies

Place of study:

Expected time of graduation: 2021