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The winners are found!


This winter we held a competition to find 3 Greenlandic artists to decorate our new public shares – and now we have found the winners!

We received a lot of great contributions and were very overwhelmed by the interest. A huge thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork!

The 3 winners were selected based on the criteria that we want the works of art to convey the feeling of Greenland, of the nature and the people. And we also wanted to show a diversity in styles and form of expression.

Congratulations to the 3 winners! Pilluarit!

If you want to read more and possibly support NUKIGA’s work by buying a public share, please click here.

Click through the gallery to see the artworks and read more about the artists 😊

About the public shares: By buying a public share, you support NUKIGA’s work to strengthen, develop, and promote the entrepreneurial environment in the Arctic and to increase awareness of Greenland through the dissemination of Greenlandic art and culture.

Gold share

Sissi Møller was born in Sisimiut and grew up in Nuuk, Greenland. She is educated at Nuuk Art School and Copenhagen Art School. Sissi works with a spontaneity that is allowed to flow in forms and movement. Bluish shades appear a lot in her work, inspired by the Greenlandic nature. The work is called Tåge (Fog).

Silver share

Sika Wilhjelm Filemonsen comes from Nuuk, Greenland. She has painted the picture Qatsorpoq, which means Sea View. The work is an interpretation of nature’s encounter with cities. Anyone, who has experienced Greenland, knows the beautiful and calm sight of the ocean when the waves have calmed down and the mirror-like water shows its face.

Bronze share

Sara Petersen was born in the village of Ammassivik near Kangerluk, Greenland. She has painted her grandfather, who is a fisherman and a sealer. She says that he is always happy and a person you want to be with. Sara loves to paint and prioritises doing it as often as possible.